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The Rise, Fall, And Rise Of Drive-In Movie Theaters

15 Jul 2020 7.9k views6 items

All across the United States, large patches of land that sat empty for decades found a renewed sense of purpose in 2020. Drive-in movie theaters国产国产成年在线视频区-色天天综合色天天久久婷婷 haven't held a preeminent place in American culture since the 1970s, but in the shadow of a global pandemic that has shuttered indoor movie theaters around the world, the idea of pulling up to a giant screen from the safety of your own personal automobile became far more appealing than it was at the turn of the century.

But what was it that doomed the drive-in in the first place? This is the history of the drive-in movie, the decline of the drive-in, and a look at what could be its future.